3/27/14 Meeting

Attendees: Jack Hylan, Kelly Eury, Megan Petter, Shelley Keith, Pam Lowery, Brynn Boyer, Lou Martinette, Curtiss Grymala, Andrew Dolby, Mark Thaden, Amy Alexander, Anna Billingsley, Martha Burtis

Feedback on site evaluation tool draft:

  • Might be too technical for some of the web content managers (PL)
  • Biology faculty members thought the changes were effective based on the tool (AD)
  • Guidelines are useful, but maybe simplistic? Hard to define target audience in a lot of cases. Perhaps a more explanatory tutorial approach/best practices document is the way to go instead of a rubric. Use this as an opportunity to educate users. (MB)

Mobile theme feedback:

  • Soft launch planned 3/31
  • Cabinet presentation 4/2
  • Eagle Eye announcement to follow

Homepage changes coming:

  • “Helpful Links” section is disappearing; a new menu bar will take its place at the top of the homepage

Governance suite launch:

  • Launched today and we have received our first report — in 6,000 pages, we 243 broken links and 1,317 potential misspellings. We will send periodic reports to departments to check on the errors/issues.


The digital office works on one of the most high profile projects of the university, but the work is often behind the scenes. There has been some negative feedback about a lack of outcomes. How do we show our value on campus?

  • When we do the launch, put something out about what we’ve done and why. Be open to questions, but make sure you blow your own horn when you launch. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about what people think while you are in the process. (LM)
  • Keep in mind that the website at a university is made up of a lot of small pieces. There is no one overarching uber-narrative, everyone’s experience is different — that’s the beauty of it. Finding ways to make sure people in charge of those little pieces can do what they need to do is an important component. (MB)
  • How do we educate the campus community about how we can help them? (SK)
  • Willing to serve as a liaison w/ faculty or help as needed (AD)
  • The presentation to the BOV was great. Maybe there is a way to spread that farther across campus to educate various areas (MT)