9/25/14 Meeting

Notes taken by Amy Alexander.

Website downtime discussed

  • 19 hrs (96%)
  • brought in a consultant
  • Instability kept changing shape – 3 solid weeks of 24/7 coverage from Hall and Shelley’s team
  • Consultant was very impressed with functionality of team
  • Vast improvement and stability
  • Has brought attention to the critical nature of the website, and the need for more resources and infrastructure to support site
  • Looking to move site to dedicated server farm ; offsite
    • Gives us dedicated 24/7 team for way better support
    • Having it offsite also ensures that any on-campus emergencies will be supported on a larger scale
    • Also means DNS change
  • Planning sustainable re-architecture
  • This is an opportunity to move forward

Working on improving training and support

  • Working to update WordPress 101 content
    • Make it more organized
    • Reformat resources that are already out there
    • Speak to a more “beginner” audience
    • Will all go on digital communications website
  • Interns
    • Full audit of WordPress 101 and Digital Comms. Site
    • Site improvement toolkit
  • “Report a Problem” Tool
    • link at bottom of website
    • is aware of where you came from, and asks you three questions
    • email and comment are in form, but not required
  • Social Media Users Group
    • Creating policies and procedures

Council homework – user testing

Content strategy initiative update

  • Starting to result in deliverables
  • Moral of the story: we’re making progress.

Next Meeting: Oct. 30, 2014