3/26/15 Meeting

In attendance:

  • Katherine Stosch, student
  • Ian Spangler, student
  • Sabia Prescott, student
  • Kelly Eury, admissions
  • Melissa Yakabouski, admissions
  • Teresa Coffman, college of education
  • Megan Petter, student affairs
  • Shelley Keith, digital communications
  • Pam Lowery, hr/digital communications
  • Andrew Dolby, college of arts & sciences
  • Amy Alexander, university relations
  • Martha Burtis, division of teaching & learning with technology
  • Katherine Purdue, UMW libraries

Interns presented on projects they’ve been working on this semester:

Ian Spangler talked about his epic journey through Google Maps. There’s a post in Eagle Eye from earlier this year about his experience up to that point, and now there’s an update with a link to the presentation from yesterday.

Here’s a blog post about Katherine’s work with TreeJack. Included is a link to the presentation she gave yesterday. As promised, here’s the link to the new admissions user test.

Sabia has done significant work with the new Faculty/Staff “gateway” website. The council recommended some additional content. These changes will be made in the coming week.

A few other housekeeping items:

  1. Designs for the new website redevelopment project were revealed and briefly discussed.
  2. A redevelopment project blog is in process. More information will be available as soon as it’s ready for public consumption.
  3. Rick Allen, our content strategy consultant, will be back on campus sometime after commencement. An advisory council meeting will be scheduled during his visit.
  4. INTERNS! Digital Communications is looking for a new group of students for both summer and fall 2015. A pay position may be available to a student who can commit to more than a semester.

Next meeting: April 30, 2015