Challenges and Benefits of the New UMW Faculty and Staff Site

The new Faculty & Staff website went live 3/26/2014.

The IT move toward the end-of-life shut down of EagleNet presents an opportunity to produce a useful, comprehensive faculty and staff website. Digital Communications tasked an intern, Sabia Prescott, with identifying and organizing the content for the first iteration. The original source material, the content of EagleNet, was expanded on and enhanced by feedback from the Web Advisory Council and the President's Technology Advisory Council. The resulting site can now be seen at Users are asked to continue to provide feedback in an effort to improve user experience. Filled with various features on student accomplishments, campus happenings, and notable awards, the UMW homepage offers few immediate resources for university faculty and staff. Though it does exist, information for employees may take a while to find. This leads users either to use the search bar, which may not always produce the desired results, or spend lots of time shuffling through various … [Read more...]