New Social Media Directory

UMW’s new social media directory is live! The directory takes our tight-knit, active community on social and puts in all in one place, making accounts easier to find. The centralized listing highlights UMW’s extensive presence on social and all of the different niches on our campus. You can find the directory by visiting and choosing “Directory.” The directory is also linked to under the social icons in the bottom left corner of the page. The listing includes all accounts that have been submitted through the account approval form. If you would like your account to be included in the directory, please review the social media policy and submit the form. Questions? Contact Erika Spivey at … [Read more...]

#UMWSocial Annual Report

It’s a little more than just “hanging out on Facebook” all day. UMW’s social media team has been busy expanding the university’s reach on social media one tweet, post and photo at a time. We’ve learned that despite having carefully curated content, sometimes all it takes is a picture of a squirrel to break the internet and a post with Dean Rucker will break records any day. Here’s a snapshot of our results for the 2014-15 academic year: Twitter We grew our Twitter presence by 18% this past year, increasing from 2,800 to 3,317 followers. We’re using #UMW and #MyMaryWash to talk about our university and staying in touch with our incoming Class of 2019 with #UMW19. We ended the year with 850 re-tweets, 977 favorites and 1,619 mentions. Check out some of our most popular tweets from the year: Facebook Despite a slight dip on our Facebook followers (we lost 537 when Facebook removed inactive accounts), we were still able to increase our total followers by 4%, from 18,534 to 19,352 … [Read more...]

#UMWSocial’s Best Campaigns 2014-15

As the academic year comes to a close, we thought it was a good time to reflect on all of the work UMW’s social media team has accomplished over the past year. Let’s start with three hashtag campaigns that got our students tweeting about our university: #UMWFinals Campaign (December 2014) We launched our first hashtag campaign during finals week of the fall semester using #UMWFinals to encourage students to share their last week of the semester with us. Students were encouraged to show us their finals projects and favorite places to study… and they did! Over five days, #UMWFinals was used 200 times and the resulting Storify received 230 views. Shout out to our Social@UMW group that helped promote the campaign! #UMWSnowDay Campaign (February 2015) It took a while, but when our campus was finally covered in frozen flakes on February 17, our social media team was ready with a #UMWSnowDay campaign. Between snow ball fights and snow angels, our students shared pictures of their snow day … [Read more...]