Auditing Site Content

Why Audit?

The contents of a website are much like the physical inventory of a warehouse. It must be accounted for, and either refreshed or disposed of on a regular basis. Understanding what you have and whether or not it’s valuable to your audience is critical in the ongoing management of a large website.

Audit Factors

Basic audits consist of determining if pages are Redundant, Outdated, or Trivial (ROT). Beyond that, audits are an opportunity to evaluate who the audience is, what the goals are, who is responsible for upkeep of each page of content, and how often it should be reviewed and updated.

How to Audit

First, contact Digital Communications. We’ll provide an Excel spreadsheet of your site that will contain information to get you started. Depending on the complexity of the website, we may suggest a meeting to discuss the audit process and appropriate factors to consider as you proceed.

More Information